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Ikat fabric from Uzbekistan

Vibrant, colourful patterns in handwoven silk Ikat.

Situated along the ancient Silk Road leading from East Asia to Western Europe, Uzbekistan is unsurprisingly rich in cultural influences yet exhibits its own distinctive decorative aesthetic. Prominent cities along the route include Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva known for, amongst other craft items, fine silk and wool carpets, hand-painted blue and white ceramics, embroidered Suzani textiles, wood carvings and, of course, colourful hand-woven, silk Ikat fabric.

Ikat fabric has had a prominent role in the history and culture of Uzbekistan in Central Asia for centuries. Worn from the 17th century onwards by prominent families and now exported globally, these heritage textiles are produced in myriad designs in an almost limitless colour palette predominantly in traditional, family-owned workshops using age-old methods and techniques. Silk Ikat textiles can be muted and subtle in a single hue or lively and bold, displaying multiple shades. Traditionally, multiple patterns were layered together to create a unique, riot of pattern and colour. Ikat cushions add instant eclecticism and originality to beds and upholstery, especially when teamed with the pared-back, clean lines of a sleek, modern sofa.

The Rosanna Lonsdale range of luxury silk Ikat cushions, handmade in London from Uzbekistani silk Ikat fabric celebrates this elegant and colourful textile heritage.