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Irish Design & Traditional Crafts

Artisanal homewares denote ancient Celtic culture and wild Irish landscapes.

With our Irish design edit, we aim to assemble a stylish array of handmade home and lifestyle accessories firmly rooted in the history, geography and cultural aesthetic of the island of Ireland. Items might reference Celtic patterns or motifs, perhaps traditionally evidenced by the Irish lace-making and crochet traditions or intricate silver jewellery. Stylish homewares, inspired by Ireland’s distinctive landscape and climate, will also feature. Home-grown Irish designs might include organic, modern pottery pieces moulded from local clay, willow baskets, hand-woven woollen textiles from the sheep that graze the fields or striking prints that capture ancient and unchanging landscapes. The peat bogs, rolling hills, lough shores and rugged coastlines of the Emerald Isle lend their earthy palette of peat, heather, iron red, forest green, lake blue, slate grey and gorse yellow.

Our first collection showcases the work of Emma Tweedie, an emerging Northern Irish painter and mixed media artist whose award-winning Irish landscapes are presented here, to order, as beautiful, fine art, Giclée prints.