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Be brave and bold with a culturally-inspired pattern on one or more walls!

We are huge fans of wallpaper at Telescope Style. Firstly, use wallpaper to add depth, decoration and atmosphere to any room instantly. Secondly, employ wallpaper as boldly or as discreetly as your decorative instincts allow. You decide if your wallpaper provides a subtle backdrop or takes centre-stage as the ‘wow’ element or touchstone in a room scheme.

However, there is another reason we are so enamoured of this endlessly versatile decorating medium. Pictorial wallpapers, especially, can be evocative of destinations lived, loved and travelled. Indeed, they can really capture the essence of a place. Be they painterly, line-drawn or ‘mural-esque’ in style or scale. Designers frequently dream up wallpapers that celebrate or borrow from a global decorative aesthetic. Chinese motifs, Italianate scrolls, Aboriginal paintings, quintessentially English blooms… to name a few. Each design will evoke a feeling, mood or memory that enlivens, inspires or calms by turns.

All this sits very happily with our destination-inspired design remit. Plus, the importance of a home filled with unique memories; family travel adventures for example. Of course, there is always the chance that you might JUST LOVE one of these elegant, beautifully-coloured designs! Happy browsing…

FYI: Our wallpapers will be available to order either by the roll or by the metre and priced accordingly – hence the seeming disparity in pricing on the catalogue pages. See product pages for design specific pricing information.