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Celebrate family connections with culturally-inspired, travel wallpaper!

Culturally-inspired travel wallpaper, depicting colours, patterns and styles from across the globe, is a brilliant way of creating a unique home. Of course, used in the right location and in the correct proportion, decorative wallpaper will always add depth, decoration and character to a space. But wallpaper that celebrates personal connections with a cherished location, adds so much more personality.

Pictorial wallpapers, especially, can be evocative of destinations lived, loved and travelled. Indeed, they can truly capture the essence of a place, be they painterly, line-drawn or ‘mural-esque’ in style or scale. Designers frequently dream up wallpapers that celebrate or borrow from a global decorative aesthetic. Chinese motifs, Italianate scrolls, Aboriginal paintings, quintessentially English blooms to name a few. We focus on boutique brands with country-specific ranges and designs inspired by a particular destination. Wallpapers that highlight the motifs and patterns of regional cultures and the colour palettes that bring them to life. Enjoy browsing our growing edit of travel wallpapers!

Please note: wallpapers are available to order either by the roll or by the metre (minimum order 10m) and priced accordingly – see individual product pages for design specific pricing information.