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Ideas For Your Travel-Inspired Gallery Wall

Are you collating ideas for a gallery wall? Perhaps you are looking for a standout, standalone piece. Either way, you want your home – and the artworks on your walls – to tell a story. Stories of places dear to you. Capturing memories of places you have lived, loved or travelled. Highlighting family connections with other countries, cultures or landscapes. And perhaps, celebrating where you live right now. This ‘travelling gallery’ of pictures is something you can transport between homes. As your life story unfolds it will grow. A familiar and comforting constant in the lives of other family members which, perhaps one day, they will inherit as part of their family history.

Our growing edit of destination-inspired artworks encompasses modernist city skylines, framed ethnic textiles, wildlife associated with local landscapes and colourful cultural aesthetics in a variety of mediums. Ideas for gallery walls abound. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

First, don’t be afraid to mix up artwork styles. Second, vary picture size and frame-finish. Third, try to include tactile, 3D elements too such as fabric canvases, mini-display shelves or wall sculpture for visual interest. Finally, ALWAYS template your collection of artworks with newspaper and create your layout first. Temporarily fix these to the wall with masking tape, long before you get out the hammer and nails! Here’s hoping you like our edit below…