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Emma Tweedie Art

Atmospheric and evocative depictions of wild Irish landscapes and shorelines.

Emerging artist Emma Tweedie creates modern, Irish landscape art working between rural Northern Ireland, where she grew up and her south-west London studio. Her semi-autobiographical and abstracted works channel her responses to nature and its calming effects. The finished results feel contemporary and dynamic but firmly rooted in and inspired by the natural landscapes, seascapes and townscapes of her native homeland. Her colour palettes also reflect those she finds in nature such as lichen green, moody blues and turf browns.

The originals, captured beautifully in this Irish landscape art print edit, were created from mixed media with a sustainable focus. Emma prioritises water-based and non-toxic ingredients. She is also interested in textiles and is a keen ‘up-cycler’. Hence, she tries to use secondhand materials wherever possible in her paintings and collages. These might include old newspaper, packaging materials, vintage fabrics such as Irish linen and even used coffee cups. Emma is also inventive with her ‘artist’s toolkit’, employing an eclectic variety of materials and techniques to achieve the desired result. Such items as pine cones, bracken, sticks, homemade brushes, textiles and clay paint number amongst the materials she has used to bring her original artworks to life.